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Here you can see all the functions that “Entry Assistant – Access Control Software” offers. You can flexibly determine which modules you finally use.

Access Control Software

Point of Sale /
Gift Certificates
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Access Control

We provide you with a guest solution with access management that can do much more than just device control for baths, thermal spas and resorts. But see for yourself where our software can provide on-site support.

Access Control
Control who has access and when. Define areas (e.g. pool, sauna, fitness), check age restrictions and define the consumption limits. A relaxed stay for your guests is guaranteed.
Single Access Passes
The software works with single access passes paid in advance or in arreas. A supplement is automatically invoiced if the allowed time is exceeded. Areas can be bought by the guest directly at the turnstile.
Payment Machine
Open contributions and consumptions can be purchased directly by credit cards, value cards or cash and are automatically processed in the background.
Off / Online Lockers
Working together with system suppliers enables the integration of off- and online locker systems.
Guest Pager
Bistro orders are taken by the staff. When the meals are ready, guests are informed via Guest Pager and can collect their food themselves. That saves time and resources.
Self Service Machine
Check-in and purchase processes are carried out automatically. Guests buy their own admission tickets or top up their Secondary Spend account independently and save themselves the trip to the checkout.
Return Machine
With media return machines, day guests return their wristbands before leaving the thermal bath. Subscription or multiple card holders can keep their media.
Vending Machine
Drinks and snacks are sold in cashless vending machines and paid for via medium.
Multiple Access Passes, Group Access Passes and Contracts
Group access passes or 10-entry cards form multiple access passes. Season or whole-year contracts can be managed too.
More than 200 interfaces, such as to accounts or payment providers, guarantee a smooth integration into the existing IT infrastructure. Treatments are automatically billed via the hotel room.
Automatic Towel Machine
Thermal bath guests rent towels or bathrobes by using their medium and remove them from the locker. The payment is made by medium including possible discounts.
Drinks Machine
Drinks machines are connected to an RFID system in the sauna. Sauna guests can thus take refreshments at any time. Profitability increases, costs remain low because everything is automatically controlled by the software and you still offer high class service.

Point of Sale / Retail

Whether product or gift certificate sales in the entire house, mobile or at the reception. Stock Control or Accounts Receivables. There is almost nothing that our software cannot do.

POS / Retail
Sell admissions,
subscriptions or gift certificates. The graphic product selection within the touch POS enables a fast process and saves your staff time, providing a comfortable work experience with an intuitive operation.
Touch POS
Intuitive, graphic product selection enables simple administration and fast payment and check-out in your shop.
POS in the Bistro
Food and drinks are paid for by credit or credit limit of the medium and booked to the consumptions account in real time. Visitors always pay cashless by medium.
Payment Interfaces
Interfaces connect the TAC POS with many other solutions. No invoice or payment is lost on the way. Our reports also speak a clear language that not only controlling professionals understand.


Whether fitness courses, spa packages or swimming lessons: the TAC software is specialized in the reservation of various resources and supports you in managing and organizing your offer.

Spa Reservation
Manage all reservations, including staffing and rooms. View upcoming treatments, drag-and-drop items, cancel bookings and update guest information.
Health Insurance
Whether it is a private or medical insurance prescription: You plan the prescriptions via the software and invoice via service providers, such as ARNI.
You can create spa or day packages in just a few clicks, book them and change individual if required.
Reports / Dashboard
Reports on departments, sales and employees can easily be created within the software. Individual facts and figures may be defined and delivered automatically via mail.
Swimming Lesson
Manage the courses you offer, like aqua gymnastics and book participants onto courses. Courses lasting several days are also easily created.
Staff and
Shift Scheduling
The TAC software supports the creation of work plans and shift schedules with various templates and functions. You define vacation, time compensation and breaks for your employees exactly as desired. Colored entries in the shift schedule and a graphical daily schedule provide information on planned working times at a glance

Stock Control

Easily track your retail products, receipt of goods as well as physical inventory.


Membership Management

With this module, fitness clubs can deal with sales and set-up of contracts, capture of closing times, the management of premium payments and much more. Prospective members are registered on their first visit, their interest is recorded and classified by probability of closure. Follow-up notifications remind you to keep in contact with your members.



Learn more about your guests. Extensive reports allow a more targeted customer approach and direct marketing.



Smartphone, tablet or laptop: employees have reservation plans, such as swimming lanes, with them any time, any place without any other apps.


Gift Certificates

Service and value gift certificates can be offered for all occasions by means of graphic layout selection.

Value Cards
Value and prepaid cards with discounts at redemption are used for cashless payment and can be reloaded multiple times.
Service Gift Certificates
Service gift certificates are given away for selected offers, such as spa treatments or swimming lessons. Gift certificates can be personalized by your guests and ordered online or on site.
Value Gift Certificates
With value gift certificates, gift certificate owners can choose which service they would like to use for the respective value from. Gift certificates can be provided with personal dedications, printed out comfortably at home or delivered.


The TAC Webshop with its Responsive Design is already in use in hundreds of businesses. All functions are optimally displayed on all devices. The intuitive design and user friendly screens offer the highest flexibility. Partners or reseller companies you work with can purchase services, tickets or certificates by using their express login and receive commission for the sale.

Lounger Booking
Towels were yesterday: offer your guests exclusive VIP or cushioned loungers to increase profitability. Reservation and payment proceed automatically via the TAC webshop.
Table Reservation
In just a few clicks your guests can reserve tables at your restaurants. Individual comments (e.g. birthday, non-smokers) are recorded and menu types (buffet or à la carte) are selected. The online table reservation increases customer satisfaction.
Online Tickets
Customers pay for entry in advance to get to the thermal spa quicker. You can control how many entries are sold online using quotas.
Corporate Design
You can define fonts, background and colors according to your corporate design. Home page, header menu items or e-mail templates are also quickly configured and available in any number of languages.
Children’s Birthdays
A wonderful experience for your youngest guests. Enable online booking of different children’s birthday packages including details such as special menus or balloons.
Partner Area
Strengthen cooperations with partners you work with, such as neighbouring guesthouses or hotels, and profit from an individually designed partner area.
Appointment Bookings and Packages
The modern structure of the Webshop on all devices guarantees a fast booking process. Your users will enjoy a supreme service even before their visit.
Products, Gift Certificates and Tickets
Spa gift certificates, beauty products and pool tickets: you define the online-offer, shipping costs by region and up-selling as well as cross-selling.
Online Sales of Gift Certificates
Costs/Year TAC Webshop vs. Competitor X
Your success tool: always within the green range. With Online Gift Certificate Sales you can increase your sales figures sustainably. Compared to other providers, the TAC Webshop Gift Certificate module is guaranteed not to be more expensive.
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Visitors book appointments such as spa treatments or loungers at the self-service kiosk machines and pay for these by chip. This saves employees time and increases visitor convenience.

ea_Digital Signage

Digital Signage

With these screens you will generate more turnover from your guests who are already on-site. Draw attention to products on display by your entrance area, restaurant or spa area and build awareness for your services and products.

ea_wellnessbooking is TAC‘s modern search machine for wellness, fitness and beauty offers. Present your offer to end consumers seeking rest and relaxation on the free platform and generate revenue from new guests with an additional marketing presence.