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TAC Features

Thanks to its modular structure, there is a wide range of options for setting up the software according to the individual wishes of the spa, fintess or leisure business. So there is a suitable solution for everyone. The TAC software and its capabilities are as versatile as our customers themselves.


The modern All-In-One payment solution: With the fully integrated payment interface TAC|Pay, single and  recurring  payments  as  well  as  refunds  are  processed  easily,  quickly  and  securely throughout the TAC software. Your personal TAC|Pay portal access offers a detailed presentation of transactions as well as clear reports and analysis.


Self-Service Machines

TAC  software  and  hardware  products  enable  fully  automated  access  solutions  for  spas, leisure facilities and fitness clubs. Customers benefit from fast lane entry, thanks to online contracting and medium issuance directly at the self-service machine. Other vending  machines  ensure  an  all-round  feel-good  experience  at  your  leisure  facility,  even in times of staff shortages. Hardware as a Service reduces your one-time investment costs and you benefit from the all-round carefree package.

TAC|Cloud Backup

The threat of cyberattacks is constantly growing and fraudsters are becoming more and more tricky. TAC|Cloud Backup offers the possibility to backup data or servers 1:1 to be protected in case of emergency. TAC handles the ongoing backup for you, and you can concentrate on your daily business.

TAC|Business Intelligence

With TAC|BI you always have your company data at your fingertips. In order to operate successfully on the market today, an understanding of complex data and interrelationships is indispensable. Thanks to the analysis and interpretation of key performance indicators well-founded business decisions can be made. TAC|BI combines operational understanding with an analytical overview.


With the web based software TAC|Sense your Spa Management is more user friendly and intuitive than ever before! For large and small businesses TAC|Sense offers a flexible appointment- and resource management.

If we were able to catch your interest, we would be pleased to hear from you. We will get back to you as soon as possible to clarify all further steps without commitment, so that we can put together the perfect package for you.