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Processed Categories
Data Categories (File description)
RA DatabaseContact details of the guestGuest data: Gender, Guest language, Salutation, Profession, Title, Industry, Awarded title, Salutation by correspondence, First name, Last name, Street, P.O. Box, County, Country, Postcode, City, Telephone, Mobile, E-mail, Web, FAX, Customer account, Gender preference

Origin (Hotel Stay): Room, From, To, Check-In, Owner, Source, Contact, HCID, C onfirmation Number, Property, Contact Number, Number of Guests, Reservation Number, Reservation Line, Guest Property, Last Modified, Hotel Reservation Code, Guest Types, Segment Codes

Relations: Is (woman, man, etc.) to (…), From, To, UID number, UID company, contact person, discount notice, commission notice, interests, home club, employee, reservation carrier, sales, segment codes, handicap, documents, address import

RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab Health InsuranceHealth insurance: VPartnerNr, area of expertise, health insurance number, co-insured with, family member type, status, status supplement, prescription date, prescription type, health insurance agency, doctor, prescription type, insurance status, approval indicator, approval date, start of treatment, therapy report requested, home visit, form of care, diagnoses (+ICD 10 codes), document number, copayment indicator, VP number doctor, business premises number, indication key, accident indicator, accident day, accident location, BVG indicator, max. number of treatments per day, max. number of treatments per week, package single item, Don’t charge the prescription fee?
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab CommentsCorrespondences of the guest: content variable
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab HistoryGuest history, rental item history, outstanding receivables (= dunning), promotions (= promotion codes, discounts)
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab Payment InfoID, Name, Bank, Owner, IBAN, Account Number, ISO Code, Extended (Text Input), Mandate Reference Number, BIC/Swift, Bank Code, Signature Date, Credit Card Token
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab ResourcesAssigned Resources
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab ConditionsAssigned Conditions (from Administration Module)
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab MembershipPhoto (stored on server), preferred notification, training information (wish list: training units/week, duration), contracts and entries of the guest and all contract data, check-in information, check-out information, accompanying person, expired contracts
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab FilesGuest data (stored on the server), all types of data
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab ExtendedDebtor account, number of employees
RA DatabaseGuest Profile Tab Customer GroupVariable
RA DatabaseGuest appointments (reservations of treatments, cancellation of appointments)Booking: Guest, Price, Settlement Price, Unit Price, Group Price, Optional, Provisional, Booking Note, Payment Method, Note package item, Owner, Deposit, Total Value, Deposit Prepayment, Origin, Check-In, Source, Contact, Medium, Segment Code, Cancelled, Cancellation Record, Cancellation Amount, Cancellation Reason
RA DatabaseTable ReservationsRestaurant, Area, Service Period, Date, From, Duration, Check-In, Created On, Wrap-up Time, Check-Out, Status (Guaranteed, Provisional, …), Main Guest (Guest Data), Additional Guests (Guest Data), Number of Guests (Adults, Children, Infant, Senior), Note, Table Information, Table Attribute, Menu Type, Nutrition Type, Arrangement Code, Table, late?, Non-Smoking
RA DatabasePackages sold per guest / current package balancePackage name and date, date of sale, invoice and guest data
RA DatabaseNotifications to guestsSMS, e-mail, sent information
RA DatabaseGiven foreign currency per guestForeign currency per guest
RA DatabaseInvoicesName, invoice number, invoice date, business date, number, description, tax, payment method, cashier
RA DatabaseDepositsDeposit, Limit, Reserved, Open, Guest
RA DatabaseFurther chargingGuest name, package name, From and To date, invoice number, KK name, KK-IK number, price
RA DatabaseHealth insurance invoice runHealth insurance, Guest, From and To Date
RA DatabaseRental ManagementFrom and To date, rental or return, status of item, guest, medium, invoice number (rental or return/open or paid), name of item, rental invoice number, return invoice number
RA DatabaseAccounts Receivable ManagementFrom and To Date, Dunning Change/Default Letter, Invoice Number, Name, Level (Variable), Next Level, Ignore at Check-In?, Member Number, Debtor Number, Guest ID, Receivable ID, Last Dunning Run, Member Account (Balance), Secondary Spend (Balance), Invoices, Open Fee, Total Amount, Enter Incoming Payment per Guest
RA DatabaseMembership Contracts and Supplementary Contracts / Canceled Membership ContractsDuration, use, cancellation details (guest or club), advertised by, seller, maintainer, checklist (variable), member, payer, member account (account balance, bank details, credit card, credit limit), secondary spend (account balance, bank details, credit card, credit limit), media, Contract term, commitment period, termination limit, promotion, renewal period, renewal, follow-up category, renewal promotion, one-off/other payments, total per term, price periods (variable), additional contracts (same details) Access configuration (areas), that may be used), Bonus Periods, Rest Periods, Rental Lockers (Member, Medium, Spindle Number, Area, Period, Spindle Allocation, Spindle Status), Booking Terms, Contributions Due, Comments, Payments, Open Payments, Price Periods, Access Configuration, Surcharges, Medium, Subsequent Category, Member Account (All Transactions, Open Transactions, Open Accounts), Secondary Spend Account (All Transactions, Open Transactions, Open Accounts), Consumption, Termination Limit, Contract Category, Number of Members, Status, Surcharges
RA DatabasePersonalized gift certificatesGift Certificate Number, Security Code, Status, Gift Certificate Type, Extended, Buyer Name, Beneficiary, Invoice Number, Sales Department, Cash Item, Cancellation Reason, Cancellation User, Redeem Invoice, Redeemer Department, Creation Date, Validity Start, Expiration Date, Cashing date, Sales date, Number of services, Value, Current value, Currency, Discount, Sales price, Tax rate group, Maison, Carrier (= guest data), Source (= guest data), Contact (= guest data), Language, Text fields, Comment field, Coupon type
RA DatabasePersonalized prepaid cardsPrepaid card number, status, medium, guest data, balance, first transaction, last transaction, write-off date, creation operation, deposit, comment, rebate allocation at redemption, creation date, medium, creation operation
RA DatabaseCheck-ins and check-outs per guestMembership number, first name, name, date of birth, last check-in, consumption of admissions, contract/entry, resubmissions, turnover overview (open, open dues, open claims)

Checked-in guests: guest name, gender, check-in date, check-in user, area name, key, category, group nameer overview (open, open dues, open claims)

Expected guests: Guest, Gender, First Reservation Start, First Reservation, Articles, Group Name

RA DatabaseOpportunitiesName, type, guest data, employee, status, probability, completion date, creation date, resubmissions, contract-specific data (interested in…)
RA DatabaseReportsReports about all guest data
RA DatabaseLost BusinessGuest data of guest without business transaction
RA DatabaseDiscounts on guest services and productsDiscounts given
RA DatabaseSales in the webshopSales in the webshop, guest data
RA DatabaseGuest HistoryTransaction data
RA DatabaseChange HistoryTransaction data
RA DatabaseCommentsComments
RA DatabaseInvoices/Open InvoicesDepending on layout
RA DatabasePrepayment of contractsPrepayment Gift Certificate, Amount, Guest Data
RA DatabaseCheck-ins and check-outs per guestCheck-In and Check-Out time and date, guest data, membership number, media, admissions, used admissions, photo, outstanding amounts, outstanding claims, state of the member (admission permitted?)
RA DatabaseRefused check-ins and check-outs per guest and exceedances of access times (off-peak)Refused check-ins and check-outs per guest and exceedances of access times (off-peak)
RA DatabaseCommissions givenEmployees, commission basis, commission assigned, adjusted commission
RA DatabaseOutstanding receivables – dunning letterContribution accounts, secondary spend accounts, oldest due date, user (= guest data), payer (= guest data), dunning level (= collection, uncollectible, installment payment, dunning levels)
RA DatabaseCreating a CSV export for open receivables
RA DatabasePersonalized member accountAccount settlement, bank details, encrypted credit card data, credit limit
RA DatabasePersonalized single / multi group access passGuest data, accesses, access area, used accesses, credit limit
RA DatabaseContact details of the employeeEmployees: first/last name, login, password, weekly hours, department, salutation, partly: Street, postal code, city, telephone, e-mail, company, employee group, customer: Name, address, contact information, (= guest data)
RA DatabaseWorking hours of the employeeBeginning, end, leisure, sick, etc.
RA DatabaseSend text messageText, Guest data
RA DatabaseInterface Posting Overview per Interface (PMS)Interface Posting Overview per Interface (PMS)
RA ServerGuest photo (directory RA and directory Sense – if Sense is used)Guest Photo
RA ServerSignatureSignature
RA ServerAddressAddress
RA ServerGuest DocumentsAll guest documents that have been stored

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