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     Smart membership management
     From check-in to accounts receivable management
     On-the-spot functions and optimal usability
     Easy integration
     Mobile use guarantees flexibility

for Sales

Take new directions with sales and marketing. With our add-ons you expand your sales channels:
Web Shop, mobile apps and Facebook become the new point of sale. More sales – quite easy – with no additional effort.

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Web Shop & Online Reservation

Successful with after-hours sales

Internet sales are booming. Using our standard Web Shop, you are ready to go: with very little effort, our solution can be customized to your needs and integrated into your own website via iFrame. The result is a fully-fledged web shop with a direct payment connection.

Using the software, you simply mark the products that you would like to include in the Web Shop. Even gift certificates may be issued online.

In addition, our Web Shop is on familiar terms with many payment systems. Using a credit card, Paypal, direct debit or sofortueberweisung.de, payments are easily made.


Facebook Booking App

Using social media for sales

Use Facebook for more than just idle chitchat. For this purpose, you just integrate our App into your Facebook page – customers are then able to purchase your club’s products or issue gift certificates.

You will reach your members where they spend a lot of time – without your employees having to put in extra effort because the entire sales process is automated.

Digital Signage_bearb

Digital Signage

Marketing in real-time

Our Digital Signage system opens exciting possibilities for an efficient in-house marketing system. Screens placed at the check-in or at other highly frequented spots in your club offer your members low-key information on current offers.



Increase revenue quick and easy

With our new high-performance Promotion Module, it is now possible to apply resources and to achieve a maximum profitability due to our Digital Signage, which helps fill these utilization gaps. Guests will benefit from your attractive “Hot Deals” on the Web Shop as well as view “Special Promotion” offers which will maximize customer satisfaction.

When the “Hot Deals” are displayed, it makes it possible to maximize utilization of resources and minimize schedule gaps. Guests will learn about these special offers by visiting the Web Shop or through the Digital Signage boards displayed throughout your property. Our Digital Signage makes it possible to book these treatments in real-time.

Our Promotion Module can provide tasks such as: the efficient administration of special promotion codes (e.g birthday and weekday discounts) or “Bring a Friend” offers. When applying the Promotion Codes, the guests needs will be automatically generated.

Close up of male hands touching interactive display at self-service transfer machine, doing self-check-in for flight or buying airplane tickets at automatic device in modern airport terminal building


Self-service at the fitness club

By using the new Kiosk, visitors and members don’t need to queue at the reception anymore. Kiosk allows your members and prospective customers to book personal-trainer sessions, spa appointments and courses via iPad. Prospects can obtain information and register themselves for preferred contracts. The Kiosk enhances customer comfort, reduces waiting times and costs due to increased employee efficiency. Design and display of the screens can easily be adapted to the corporate design of a business, in order to better satisfy the needs of different target groups.