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     Smart membership management
     From check-in to accounts receivable management
     On-the-spot functions and optimal usability
     Easy integration
     Mobile use guarantees flexibility

for Sales

Take new directions with sales and marketing. With our add-ons you expand your sales channels:
Web Shop, mobile apps and Facebook become the new point of sale. More sales – quite easy – with no additional effort.

TAC_Webshop EN

Web Shop & Online Reservation

Successful with after-hours sales


Facebook Booking App

Using social media for sales

Use Facebook for more than just idle chitchat. For this purpose, you just integrate our App into your Facebook page – customers are then able to purchase your club’s products or issue gift certificates.

You will reach your members where they spend a lot of time – without your employees having to put in extra effort because the entire sales process is automated.

Digital Signage_bearb

Digital Signage

Marketing in real-time

Our Digital Signage system opens exciting possibilities for an efficient in-house marketing system. Screens placed at the check-in or at other highly frequented spots in your club offer your members low-key information on current offers.



Close up of male hands touching interactive display at self-service transfer machine, doing self-check-in for flight or buying airplane tickets at automatic device in modern airport terminal building


Self-service at the fitness club