The Assistant Company

More than 15 years ago, a hotel in Austria was looking for an IT solution to better
organize its spa and leisure business as well as a wide range of other activities.
It quickly became apparent that there was no such software available on the
market. Our pioneers in Hartberg thus made it their mission to develop and
program an entirely new solution.


With its centralized management capability, our intuitive user interface connects all modules together and makes booking and billing an easy process for all departments.

It reliably organizes several dimensions – rooms, time, equipment, and staff members with the right qualification. The software quickly proved itself in practice, with clear benefits in terms of efficiency, quality and turnover.

Our idea soon became a success story, far beyond Austria’s borders. Today, we are active in 54 countries and our software solutions are translated in 18 languages.
Renowned as “The Assistant Company”, we optimize the management of resources in
many business sectors.

This has convinced 1200 customers across all continents.

More than 65 staff members are in charge of customer satisfaction and the continued development of the software at our four locations − Hartberg, Vienna, Hanover and

We continually strive for perfection and collaborate to stay ahead of the curve.

Our team stays closely connected to our customers, which prove to be the absolute best source for industry trends, latest requirements, and technology demands.

It’s also imperative to continue making our products flexible and customizable. Our main focus is to keep our software easy to use while maintaining full efficiency.  As long as helping the end user is the primary reason for everything we do, the program will continue to grow and evolve. Through our efforts and dedication to our customers we hope we can earn your trust and become more than just a software vendor, we want to be your solution.

Management Board

Thomas Rössler,
Managing Director, CEO
Gernot Tobisch,
Director Operations
Bernhard Rappold,
Director Software Development
Günther Pöllabauer,
Managing Director

Mission Statement

Being SMART – that is the claim of our mission statement: Service – Motivation – Action – Respect – Technology
have thus been perfectly converged.
The result: more time for time off.




We thrive on excellent customer service and tailored solutions We work together to create a harmonious working environment We support our partners with products and solutions
We are motivated, innovative and very open-minded We are motivated to give our best We are motivated to grow stronger together
We delight our customers by exceeding their expectations We are inquisitive and foster a sense of personal responsibility We help our partners implement their projects
We treat our customers fairly and with respect We respect each other and nurture a strong sense of fair play We respect active engagement and efforts made
We provide the best integration and flexibility We are enthusiastic about new technologies We join hands in building on established and innovative technologies