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TAC|Wrist 900

The TAC|Wrist 900 is the fully digitalized solution for issuing access media for high-traffic spa and leisure businesses. The TAC|Wrist 900 impresses with its high capacity of 900 RFID bracelets, easy filling and fast media output.

TAC|Wrist 900

The self-service machine can be controlled in two ways. On the one hand, as a “chip RFID bracelet depot” in combination with an all-in-one touch PC and a barcode scanner, the device is used to issue pre-ordered tickets, i.e. the customer comes with the ticket purchased in the TAC Webshop and collects the access medium directly from the machine. On the other hand, the TAC|Wrist 900 can be operated as a fully equipped cash register. For this purpose, an additional POS is set up with the NG22 payment terminal, a barcode scanner and a TAC|Pay terminal to relieve the cash desk.

A fully digitized visit to the spa

A guest buys a day ticket in the Webshop at the yielding price. The guest then scans the received QR code at the barcode scanner, sees the rapid issue of the medium live and receives her/his RFID bracelet and checks in through the turnstyle. Waiting times can thus be reduced and the check-in process simplified and accelerated.


Individuelle Softwareloesung

– Different capacities

– Personnel-resource-saving

– Shortened waiting times for visitors

– Low space requirement

24/7 Kundenservice

– Simple operation and filling of the
self-service machines

– Fully digitalized and automated

– 24/7 Support

One contact for everything

– All-in-one solution for hardware and software

– Carefree package with
Harware as a Service

Modern and Professionel

– Individual design options
in corporate design possible

– Completely cashless

Free of charge and without obligation: In an online presentation we show you everything you need to know about TAC.

Johann A. Sommerer
Spa Resort Therme Geinberg

With TAC, we have found a software provider that meets all our requirements in terms of access control and reservation management. With the TAC|Wrist 900 dispensing machine, we have completely digitized the customer journey of our customers: from the booking of the ticket in the online store, over the issuing of RFID media at the machine, to the entrance to the spa via turnstile. We really appreciate having just one contact for all these matters.

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Nicole Prell
Bernaqua Bern

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TAC develops innovations that make our daily work easier. The ticket vending machine is reliable, has no defects, and is easy to operate by both guests and employees. The collection of pre-booked online tickets via QR code is also simple and self-explanatory. On busy days, we get 1/3 more guests per hour into the facility thanks to the dispensing machine, which reduces waiting times for guests enormously.

Hardware as a Service

Reduce your one-time investment costs and benefit from the all-round carefree package: You can count on TAC’s support at any time, not only for software but also for hardware issues. No matter what challenges you face, TAC is by your side in every situation. Even if the worst-case scenario occurs and your TAC self-service machine is defective, the exchange service will provide you with a new, functional machine in no time at all.