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Our software comprises many different modules. This enables you to choose exactly the functions that you really need.

We have combined all key functions in a basic package: it allows you to manage the software, make reservations, prepare account statements, schedule staff, and draw up the most important reports to financially manage your business. And that is quite a lot.

If you require more, then have a look at our other modules! They perfectly match our software – saving you a lot of time in your daily work routine.


Spa & Activity Reservation

All in one for sports and wellness

Organize all your resources and reservations with just a single tool! You will see right away: Reservation Assistant saves you a lot of time and improves your efficiency.

To start with, you will define your individual settings in the Administration Module: you will create user and article master data, define specific types of treatment, and select the basic settings.

Then you are ready to go to make appointments for guests, using the Reservation Module. Our software is smart enough to consult your defined parameters to suggest the most optimal appointment times. In doing so, it also takes into account the room’s set-up time as well as the post-processing time, and it reminds guests of their appointments via email or SMS.


Staff Scheduling

Every staff member at the right place at the right time

Honestly, who likes to fiddle about with shift plans? Reservation Assistant provides the right support with templates and functions. Simply define vacation times, times off and breaks for every staff member – just as you need it.

Rescheduling a person’s work schedule for a new time period or copying it for another employee is just as simple. After all, why enter everything twice?

Of course, you want to keep track of everything: colored entries in the shift plan and a graphic schedule for the day give you all the information you need about work schedules at a glance. And your employees receive a copy of their work schedule – thus, all therapists are at the right place at the right time.


Package Reservation

The all-rounder for packages

Entering just one activity into a system is easy. But, what happens with an entire package? We came up with quite a few solutions to allow you to simply combine a massage, a manicure and the guest’s hand cream into one perfectly matched package. Even larger packages with a wide range of products and services are not a problem for our software.

And, when you want to create new packages, Reservation Assistant is the ideal helping hand. He knows your appointment calendar like no one else and helps you put together the right packages to avoid dead time.

Our software enables you to create virtually every kind of package and calculate it correctly – right up to dynamic packages, allowing guests to choose from a wide variety of services.


Point of Sale & Retail

Open data exchange on all channels

Full system integration ensures that our Point of Sale Module is well connected. Whatever the season, it knows the right price of a specific service and calculates the commission for employees.

Payments can be entered and managed using all common systems. Our software complies with the requirements of the PA DSS standard.

Besides that, our Point of Sale Module gladly accepts gift vouchers and tips and, if required, calculates discounts.

Interfaces ensure a smooth connection to all common hotel management software (PMS) solutions. Activities that were booked are automatically shown on the hotel bill. That way, no bill and no payment can get lost along the way – and our reports speak for themselves, in a language that everyone understands, not just controlling experts.


Gift Certificate Management

Clever use of a popular gift idea

Gift certificates and vouchers are a real opportunity to increase sales. Reservation Assistant helps you make the most out of this popular idea. Our module assists you each step of the way – from issuing a gift certificate to guests redeeming it.

Use different layouts to create your very own template. If you like it, there are even more goodies: customers can personalize a gift certificate with a special greeting to their mom or a loved one before purchasing it directly via the Web Shop.

A barcode helps you to clearly assign every gift certificate to a customer’s name – allowing you to check its status at any time. Our system also keeps you up-to-date with the exact number of gift certificates in circulation. This makes it easy for your employees to retrieve all the required information in no time. With hardly any effort, you will profit from a lucrative sales opportunity.


Stock Control

Bestsellers vs. non-sellers

We won’t promise you everything under the sun. Yet, our module for stock control makes it pretty easy for you to manage your shop’s merchandise: using a barcode scanner, you simply scan and record all articles purchased and take stock.

Reservation Assistant registers these data, just like every order made as well as every product sold at the cash desk. It also enables you to check the reservations for the next few days and determine the expected usage of in-house products. Our software gives you an instant overview of your inventory, stock rotations, suppliers and orders.

Using large amounts of data, Reservation Assistant provides you with valuable information: our software calculates average prices and the costs of your goods; it automatically suggests orders to be made and is well-versed with intelligent reports.


Membership Management

Your customer program – tailored to your needs

There are lots of membership programs to choose from. Reservation Assistant gives your creativity free reign. It allows you to illustrate entirely different scenarios: fee structures, discounts, time frames, promotional offers for new members, and much more.

Our software assists you each step of the way: when enrolling a new member, issuing the membership card, with reminder emails for contract extensions, and with many other smart services for your regular customers.


Customer Relationship Management

From one-time customers to familiar guests

Successful hospitality companies know their customers! Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module takes advantage of this principle. It helps you learn a lot about your guests: which packages do they book? How much do they spend? Using this knowledge, you can pinpoint your marketing campaigns and activities.

The result is a new level of quality that wins customer loyalty: present guests with more than just an attractive offer – the right package will not only delight your guests, they will remember you as an attentive host.


Table Reservation

Etched in your guests’ memory as an attentive host

Little things can make a big difference. Therefore, we came up with a few solutions for the Table Reservation Module. Our software not only reserves tables for your guests, it provides you with a reservation plan that graphically illustrates the layout of your restaurant. If required, complete with your terrace, plants and checkroom.

For both in-house and online reservations, simply allocate a pre-determined number of tables. In addition, you can meet special guests’ preferences by booking specific tables and use the system to easily arrange tables for large groups.

Reports provide you with important information regarding average booking periods and the occupancy rate of tables.

Using the interface to the hotel software (PMS), all restaurant reservations can be linked to the hotel’s database. Retrieving information, such as the guest history, is as easy as child’s play. You will thus have detailed knowledge about your guests’ special preferences – an important piece of information when it comes to regular guests. The software also enables you to show guest comments, allocate tables for the entire stay at the hotel or coordinate your guests’ other appointments.



Always and everywhere ready for operation

sense. offers an innovative solution to manage reservations from every available device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC - without the need of any additional applications. The responsive design adapts to the size of the device as well as the resolution of the display of the device currently used.

From now on your employees always carry their reservation schedules with them - without the need of extra printing. Furthermore, therapists will always have the possibility to view upcoming sessions, drag and drop items, make reservations or cancel them, update guest information and get an insight into the revenue history.

With sense. your employees can access the software in the spa, the lobby or beyond - at any given time.


Golf Management

An agile caddy for your golf course

Our solution for golf courses can do more than just book tee times. Each flight is color-coded – you will see at a glance whether a specific tee-off time allows for any other players to begin their round of golf.

Reservation Assistant also makes it easy to optionally book a trainer, golf carts and other equipment. Naturally, only for the time it is needed. If you like it, players may also book all resources online.

In combination with other modules, you can take advantage of other functions – such as packages, gift vouchers and billing.

Using our Golf Module, you are always on top of things: the daily overview provides you with all important information regarding tee times, the guest structure, and resources booked.


Reports, Dashboard

One Report never fits all

Offering numerous types of reports, our software keeps you informed about almost every aspect of your business: you will regularly receive reports concerning departments, the sales team and employees. It also enables you to create reservation journals and analyze almost every criterion: commissions, utilization rate of resources, treatment times, guest-mix, lost business, and much more.

You may define any number of parameters and trace back data far into the past. The reports you thus receive will be saved in either a .pdf, .xls, .csv or .rtf format. Our regular reporting system ensures that you receive all required analyses automatically via email.

Using our Dashboard, you can create your very own “cockpit“ with the most important key performance indicators. At a glance, the Dashboard provides you with a clear overview of all relevant facts and figures of your business. Reservation Assistant keeps you up-to-date in real time.