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     Smart membership management
     From check-in to accounts receivable management
     On-the-spot functions and optimal usability
     Easy integration
     Mobile use guarantees flexibility


Membership Management

A great organizer for your daily business

Our software can be used in single studios as well as in multi-clubs. Club Assistant supports all transactions of your members. Our module organizes everything from the administration of contracts to setting up direct debits for fees. Membership notifications help you with your Customer Relationship Management.

A new contract is directly created in the web interface, the membership card or a wristband is issued immediately. Club Assistant gives you the freedom you need: one membership per person or for the whole family, for a trial period or a specific access period – everything is possible.

You can include countless features: automatic price increases and contract renewals, contact history, administration of bonuses and rest periods, upgrades, supplementary agreements, and much more. Extensive analyses provide interesting information regarding the current membership base, exits and new entries as well as expiring contracts.


Rental Management

The right equipment at all times

It is often the small things that take up the most time – like renting out equipment. Club Assistant simplifies these processes: our software diligently registers whether a towel or a bike has been issued or returned. If you want, you can use an RFID chip to uniquely assign each item.

You simply specify: is there a rental fee, a deposit or a free service for members? You can also let the system show you at check-out whether any equipment still has to be returned. And, should a piece go missing, a replacement can be ordered with a few simple clicks.


Accounts Receivable Management

All membership fees at a glance

Club Assistant is a reliable bookkeeper. Using our Accounts Receivable Management, you can always keep track of payments made and those still outstanding – our color-coded system immediately shows you who has been shown the red card.

Payment reminders are more efficient with underlying texts; dunning runs can be easily executed with clearly defined entries. Once installed, our reports provide you with exactly the data you need – at the right intervals.


Lead Management

One-time guests become regulars

Every guest in your club can become a regular – our module helps you conclude a contract with clever features.

Prospective members are registered at their first visit. Once a contract is signed, you can easily access this saved data.

Even smarter are the possibilities for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM): the memo feature knows everything about the current status of a membership process. Sales staff can select those data with a high likelihood of a contract being signed – this way, you will receive a clear selection for your acquisition campaigns.



One calendar for all your appointments

Whether it is a Pilates class or a private lesson with a personal trainer – our module takes care of all the reservations for you.

The result is a perfectly organized calendar, giving you a real-time overview. Of course, it can also be used in other areas of your business, like a spa.


Point of Sale & Retail

Open data exchange on all channels

The billing module perfectly manages all your payments. Our software books payments onto an account or replenishes credits for consumption. Club Assistant also calculates commissions for employees and knows the right price for your members. Using price categories, you define various discounts – if you want, even for an individual contract. Additionally, you can charge product sales directly to a member account – at the same time, the deposited credit limits are verified.

Payments can be entered and managed using all common systems. Our software complies with the requirements of the PA DSS standard. Besides that, our Point of Sale Module gladly accepts gift vouchers and tips and, if required, calculates discounts.

Interfaces ensure a smooth connection to many other solutions. That way, no bill and no payment can get lost along the way – and our reports speak for themselves, in a language that everyone understands, not just our controlling experts.


Gift certificates

Smart use for a popular gift idea

Club Assistant makes it easy to use gift certificates as a distribution channel. Our module supports you every step of the way – from issuing to redemption.

Use different layouts to create your very own template. If you want, there are even more goodies: customers can personalize a gift certificate with a special greeting to their mom or a loved one before purchasing it directly via the Web Shop.

A barcode helps you to clearly assign every gift certificate to a customer’s name – allowing you to check its status at any time. Our system also keeps you up-to-date with the exact number of gift certificates in circulation. With hardly any effort, you can use an interesting sales opportunity to recruit new members.


Stock Control

Bestsellers vs. non-sellers

Our module for stock control makes it pretty easy for you to manage your shop’s merchandise: using a barcode scanner, you simply scan and record all articles purchased and take stock.

Club Assistant registers these data, just like products sold at the cash desk. It also enables you to check the reservations for the next few days and determine the expected usage of products. Our software gives you an instant overview of your inventory, stock rotations, suppliers and orders.

Using large amounts of data, Club Assistant provides you with valuable information: our software calculates average prices and the costs of your goods; it automatically suggests orders to be made, and is well-versed with intelligent reports.


Access Control

Come in – or stay out

Our software reliably controls check-ins and check-outs to your club. Portrait pictures and recorded information clarify unambiguously where and when access is granted. All admission conditions are defined individually in the contract information – be it a check-in at certain times or for certain areas, a limit on the number of admissions or a check of the contractual status.

At check-out, the following is quickly determined: do bills regarding food and drink still have to be paid, is there any rental equipment which still has to be returned?

If you want, you can also use Club Assistant to control access to the parking lots or to lockers. Another practical feature: you always know who is in the house at the moment. Besides that, many intelligent access reports assist you.


Package Reservation

The all-rounder for packages

We have come up with quite a few things to help you keep an eye on the packages. Even extended offers are no problem for our software.

Club Assistant is a clever assistant when re-arranging packages. He knows your calendar better than anyone else. This way, you easily put together the right packages and avoid times with a low utilization rate. Using our software, you can practically put together any package. For example, you can link a Power Plate package or a solarium subscription to a contract. When a service is used via an equipment, the package data is automatically accessed.